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Auditing has become a compulsory task in every business organization. Our auditing team evaluates your financial records and ensures consistency and objectivity is demonstrated, and a clear view for future planning.


Our team of tax professionals at Al Nuha International has a blend of different industry backgrounds and experience in tax matters and also has an emphasis on ensuring the commercial insights of our industry experience are incorporated into all of our service offerings for the benefit of our clients

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Advisory Services

Our consultants/advisors help to trigger positive change within individuals, teams, communication patterns and systems. We take time to listen and have the courage to debate different points of view-based on independent and challenging insights support by facts and industry benchmarks.

Support you in Designing, Managing and Executing lasting beneficial change.


We have years of experience in Oman’s market whether they are small or large businesses,just to start, or well-established, we understands the depth of issues that have to face.


We have the assurance that your financial records are accurate, timely manner with local and international standards.

24/7 availability

Addition to these we will provide consultation to support the growth of your business by 24/7.

We have the aim of high quality audit, accounting, tax, and advisory services to clients in the best professional manner


We attempt to hire only competent individuals and evaluate them regularly. We offer competitive compensation, ongoing training, and several opportunities for advancement through specialization in the services we provide to clients.


We work to expand the Firm, both in size and in the range of services we offer. As we become skilled in new areas, we are able to recommend additional services to existing, as well as prospective, clients.


We hire individuals who are self-starters and whose personalities complement others in the Firm, thus creating an environment where each person can develop his or her career potential at whatever pace he or she chooses

The service is carried out in high professional way with integrity. Timely accurate reporting and good background in audit that help us lot.
They have a personal, pro active approach to guide us with financial running of our practice and they are always available either by telephone or email.
Specialist team provided valid support through out the audit and accounting process.
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